A FAQ page is meant for “Frequently Asked Questions”.. I'll use it instead as a page to pre-empt obvious queries.
Okay, so technically that makes this a OQ page.. But that would be confusing.

Q: It's called Cute Little Hentai.. So where's the nekkid tentacle pr0n?!
A: Yeah, i expected that question from day one. I'm using the broader Japanese interpretation of the the term “hentai” here, because it covers all the bases i wanted it to touch. Wiki explains it quite well as follows:
The word hentai is a kanji compound of hen (meaning "change" "weird" or "strange") and tai (meaning "attitude" or "appearance").
Though this comic will not shy away from adult material, it is not, repeat NOT, a Hentai comic in the western idea of the word.

Q: So no surprise tentacles or cumshots?!
A: Ehm.. Well.. Definatly maybe. And i can't promise it'll meet the standards of today's decerning interweb pervert if there are.. Sorry, not that kind of tale i'm afraid.

Q: So how do you create your comics?
A: Usually i sketch my ideas in a cheapo a5 dummy with a 0.5 hb pencil. I then re-sketch them, ink, colour, shade, light, lay out and text in an outdated version of Flash using my trusty old Wacom tablet.
The entire process can take up to a day or two, but i'm hoping to get quicker as time progresses and experience allows.

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