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Author's Comments:
X4I : August 30th, 2011, 12:55 pm : Yay!
We're finaly back at the TerraHertz for a change! (I missed not having to create new background imagery and just be a lazy f#cker again ;-p )

Some of you may not remember, but Yumiko is a lady of her word.
She promised Mieke that workstation a while ago.

Yeah, I know, it's been ages for us real folks, but the temporal tempo of the fictional realm is subject to.. well, me, in this case.

Anyhoodies, Please leave your cheers of joy, critiques of Koi and and fears of soy in the comment section below.
Along with the usual sighs of relief, declarations of grief and calls of “halt! Thief!!”

Oh and since I seem to be taking a side in the eternal flame war on Mac Vs. Pc Vs. Penguin..
(which I honestly don't give a flying F about, I am an equal opportunity operating system hater..)
..I will for once allow you good folks to troll about which OS PWNs and why.. (Note the WHY, it's called “an argument”.. They're fun.)

Anyhow, please enjoy this, the 125th edition of Cute Little Hentai, it's the one where we find out Yumiko understands exactly what the web is good for. ;-p
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User's Comments:
DV8_Killer : August 30th, 2011, 4:32 pm :
im terribly afraid of soy. PC all the way, unless your doing anything creative then use a mac. and if you know how, use a freaking penguin (I would if i could)! and of coarse that's what the internet is for, any one who says different is just lying to them selves :)
RazorD9 : August 30th, 2011, 11:01 pm :
Like there is anything else you'd do with a computer.
the lazy motherfucker who wont l (Guest) : August 31st, 2011, 8:04 am :
i think linux is the best operating system, but too hard to use for teh average man (ubuntu is kinda ok)
macs are ok too, but they are motherfucking expensive and they differ from many standarts (well, i used one....once......for porn)
windows sucks dick, but its the standart operating system soooooo most tools are being programmed for it and you will find nearly every driver you want for it and you can browse porn with it

The internet is for porn
The internet is for porn,
Why you think the net was born?
Porn porn porn
X4I : September 1st, 2011, 12:30 am : ( ^ __ ^ ) So wrong ..
@ LazyMoFo: So true.
(NSFW-ish folks!)
I know it's wrong, but it just makes me laugh.
sammy : September 1st, 2011, 7:24 am :
i know it is true
afaik, the internet is 80% pure porn!

btw ive learned to hack websites :D
i need some inspiration on what to hax
anyone wants some logins for pr0n websites or forums? (inb4 google, hotmail, facebook etc. )

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